Model F1315

Model F1315
Fan coil blowers and Duct Split

Fan coil and Duct Split Blowers Type F1315

Gashtavar company provides several types of blowers for air conditioning companies in Iran.

In designing this product, many things are considered. including; air flow, pressure, noise, power, etc., but the most important challenge of fan coil and duct split devices is the presence of noise in the rotating set. (Motor and Blower)


In designing of these blowers, we tried to make the best angle for blower’s blade to achieve the least amount of noise. Also, to prevent vibration and noise of the device, in the production process of blowers, they are dynamically balanced with an accuracy of 0.05 gr. This reduces vibration and noise as well as increases the life of the set.

F1315 model is commonly used for low capacity’s fan coils. This blower creates low air flow and static pressure but in instead it makes low noise and needs less space which is one of the advantages of using this type of blower.


400 gr

Fan Weight:

150 mm

Fan Length:

130 mm

Fan Diameter:

30 db

Sound Level:

80.1 pa

Max Pressure:

238 cfm

Max Airflow:


The following drawing shows the housing dimensions of the F1315 model:


The following diagrams show the F1315 fan curve in seven speeds from 600 to 1200 rmp:

The first diagram shows the relationship between the air flow rate and the total pressure and the second diagram shows the air flow compare to static pressure in F1315 blowers.

To learn how to get information from the following chart, you can refer to the page "Guide to using the blower charts".