Air cooler - Baran

Air cooler - Baran

Air cooler - Baran

Air cooler is a new product of Gashtavar company. We made useful changes in the designing and manufacture of this product.




Air flow (m3/h)


840 W



440 W




Here are some benefits of Evaporative cooler model Baran:

  1. Using an economical motor - Up to half the power consumption of Air cooler

The air cooler model Baran uses direct current brushless motors for the power supply motor. The advantages of these motors are summarized as follows:

  • Provide the possibility of changing the speed in a particular range for the consumer.
  • These motors are waterproof and there is no possibility of burning the motor due to water particles.
  • This motor has a much longer life than traditional Air cooler motors.
  • Soft starts.


  1. Middle disc blower (turbo)

In the evaporative cooler model Baran, the turbo blower produced by Gashtavar Company has been used. By removing the three ring blades, which are on both sides of air cooler blowers, these blowers give us better possibilities that we mention:

  • Increase air flow up to 10%
  • Increases the static pressure almost 2 times the common fans
  • Placing the motor inside the blower